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That's a nice and new adventure - Nikky's on vacation at the sea and is wearing her most tight and sexy jeans on that sunny day. She wants to take some souvenir home with her, so she goes to the shore and kneels in the sea to make her jeans soak the salty water. She loves that feeling! Her jeans stick on her legs, cooling her burnt skin down and she starts to involve you into her wet summergames!

Shit, I couldn't find any toilet nearby. And into the bargain, my car got stuck and died, so what should I do?! I have to pee a lot... ok, lets get some towel to protect the seat... I cannot piss on the outside as there are too much people around. So I let it run onto the towel on my cushion, but my jeans of course also get really wet from all the piss. And guess what, someone noticed me pissing in secret into my car!

Yana allows you to watch her daily ritual in the shower! She loves to take a jeans-shower and makes them completely wet so that they have double weight. Do you like that? Otherwise you wouldn't grab your dick while watching, right? You like the imagination of the rough and tight fabric that hides the essential parts like a wall.. while you think about that, Yana already spoils herself inside those sexy, wet jeans!

Melena takes a shower inside of the whirlpool and enjoys the bubbles blowing up her pussy! There's a mirror right beside her, in which you can see her from all perspectives at the same time - and it seems that even Melena is stunned by her look! She's so damn hot inside those wet and heavy jeans and sticks her ass towards the mirror, then towards you. What a great pleasure to watch her!

Wearing her white jeans and nothing else - that's hot. But pissing inside of the jeans is much hotter! While she bows in the bath tub to stick her ass towards you, you can see the wet spot on her ass growing bigger and bigger - and thanks to the light colour you can see her pussy shining through the wet trousers! She starts to give herself a fingerjob and satisfies her urine-wet pussy until she bursts in a heavy orgasm!

Older, tattooed Milf experiences first time pissing in her jeans hotpants and you may watch her inside of her shower! Her ass and pussy get completely wet under the blue fabric and the piss runs down her legs until her feet are fully covered in urine. She pulls down her top so you can see her hanging tits while she's pissing a lot .. she seems to really enjoy the wet feeling!

Lady Vampira just was kidding her submissive loser beneath her ass - he was full of excitement for some hot facesitting in her tight hotpants, and she made him believe that he'd get his dreams come true. She sits down on his face and starts rubbing his mouth with her jeanspussy, but then... Lady Vampirella has to pee and lets the nectar run through her hotpants until they're completely wet, so that the urine drops down into her slave's mouth!

I was really excited about making that requested clip, because I had to piss inside of my jeans and let the nectar run completely through the fabric! Therefore I had to drink a lot and hold it until I'm in urgend and desperate need to piss. I never hat so wet jeans before, this is really amazing! The wet jeans stick to my legs and make them really heavy and even tighter.

Taissia enjoys a cup of thee - the fifth one in row - in her kitchen, when she notes, that she has to pee. But she wants to continue drinking tea and finds a good compromise: She pisses on the kitchen floor, right where she is. By the way she also noticed that you love watching her while she's pissing through her jeans, so she shows you her wet jeansbutt in a close up! But you'll pay for that: you have to clean up the mess on the floor with your tongue for the privilege to have watched her pissing!

I continue pissing on my wet jeans and show you some more of my secret desires. Still sitting in the bath tub, I open up my jeans and start masturbating. I rub my clit and get really horny from the smell of my nectar that's making penetrant demands on my nose. My fingers get wet from the urine and my pussy juice and you can have a look until I end up in a heavy orgasm!