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Shit, I couldn't find any toilet nearby. And into the bargain, my car got stuck and died, so what should I do?! I have to pee a lot... ok, lets get some towel to protect the seat... I cannot piss on the outside as there are too much people around. So I let it run onto the towel on my cushion, but my jeans of course also get really wet from all the piss. And guess what, someone noticed me pissing in secret into my car!

Never thought that I could piss that much before! But now, for a customer, I held my pee in for some hours and then kept je jeans on my ass, as my bladder started exploding... have you ever seen so much piss on jeans? Never thought it would cover the whole fabric and even drop on the floor because the jeans can't soke that all at the same time.

Hot chubby ebony lies on the bed and feels the urgend need to pee. But too lazy to stand up, she stays right where she's lying, cause she also loves to piss into her blue jeans! The juice runs down the fabric and even onto the bed, and you can see how hot ebony becomes more and more relieved. You can also have a look at the wet spots she leaves!