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Older, tattooed Milf experiences first time pissing in her jeans hotpants and you may watch her inside of her shower! Her ass and pussy get completely wet under the blue fabric and the piss runs down her legs until her feet are fully covered in urine. She pulls down her top so you can see her hanging tits while she's pissing a lot .. she seems to really enjoy the wet feeling!

Never thought that I could piss that much before! But now, for a customer, I held my pee in for some hours and then kept je jeans on my ass, as my bladder started exploding... have you ever seen so much piss on jeans? Never thought it would cover the whole fabric and even drop on the floor because the jeans can't soke that all at the same time.

Lady Vampira just was kidding her submissive loser beneath her ass - he was full of excitement for some hot facesitting in her tight hotpants, and she made him believe that he'd get his dreams come true. She sits down on his face and starts rubbing his mouth with her jeanspussy, but then... Lady Vampirella has to pee and lets the nectar run through her hotpants until they're completely wet, so that the urine drops down into her slave's mouth!

I continue pissing on my wet jeans and show you some more of my secret desires. Still sitting in the bath tub, I open up my jeans and start masturbating. I rub my clit and get really horny from the smell of my nectar that's making penetrant demands on my nose. My fingers get wet from the urine and my pussy juice and you can have a look until I end up in a heavy orgasm!