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Shit, I couldn't find any toilet nearby. And into the bargain, my car got stuck and died, so what should I do?! I have to pee a lot... ok, lets get some towel to protect the seat... I cannot piss on the outside as there are too much people around. So I let it run onto the towel on my cushion, but my jeans of course also get really wet from all the piss. And guess what, someone noticed me pissing in secret into my car!

Rosella has to piss, and she held it for a long time! So this is going to be a huge mess.. since she can't hold until she reaches a toilet, she lets the urine run down her legs until halt of her jeans soaked the liquid. Part of the juice runs down onto the pavement - she pissed a huge amount all over herself in public! Then she drives home without taking her jeans off, and the scent of her nectar attends her all the way!