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Mistress Amanda forced you to jerk off your dick now while she takes a shower with her tight blue jeans! She knows you have a wet jeans fetish and so it will be a special jerk off instruction for you!

Amanda takes a shower in her tight blue jeans and she ordered you to worship her ass now! Of course you can jerk off your dick - but you have to cum under her command! Shes your new jeans mistress and you will do all for her - isnt it? Kiss her ass - jerk off and be her jeans slave!

Never thought that I could piss that much before! But now, for a customer, I held my pee in for some hours and then kept je jeans on my ass, as my bladder started exploding... have you ever seen so much piss on jeans? Never thought it would cover the whole fabric and even drop on the floor because the jeans can't soke that all at the same time.

Gina wants to try out something new and wants to take a shower while she's still dressed! So she takes the shower head and wets her dark blue jeans bit by bit. She's really into it, as she starts loving the feeling of the sticky, cold jeans on her hot skin. Even when the jeans are already completely soaking, she continues to water them and enjoys your secret glances on her wet and tasty jeansbutt!

Elen makes her jeans wet inside of the bathtub because she loves the feeling of stuck jeans on her sexy legs! She shows you every single inch gettin wet and sticks her jeansass towards you - what an incredibly sexy look! Meanwhile Elen decided that she wants to spoil her pussy, and so she touches her wet pussy through the tight fabric, which makes you really horny. She strokes her wet legs and drives you crazy!

It was such a hot day outside and I wanna cool down a little. I think there's nothign better than taking a shower - dressed with my sexy, hot blue jeans!! The coolness stays much longer that way, so I put on the water and make my jeans wet completely... that feels so good! My jeans soak the water slowly, until they're glittering from the water! I love this wet adventures... and I think you do the same, don't you?